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a study by the UC Davis Department of Psychiatry says older men are less likely than women to seek treatment for depression the problem of under treatment and older men has received little attention medical conditions such as heart disease stroke and cancer are more prevalent in older adults some medications for those illnesses come with side effects that can lead to depression and memory loss I can’t think because all the medication I’ll be jars kind of scares me Helen Varys Mitchell is being treated for pneumonia complicated by congestive heart failure a thoughtful dog to remember that’s why they have to really eradicate some of these diseases some way because seniors if they’re healthy I could I can remember everything and sad for me does insanity memories preserve pictures of the past and open doors to the future now new findings reveal that untreated depression can lead to dementia if one is depressed in younger life and an older life than one’s chances of developing a dementia increased by about 50% so it’s a high risk factor for the development of dementia and the longer it goes untreated the more harm it does Don Reynolds has struggled with depression most of his adult life he’s been on antidepressants for 25 years and regularly gets counseling I’ve managed my depression pretty well and been quite stable for a long time and one thing that’s been very important for me is coming to terms with depression not being embarrassed by it or accepting it as kind of part of my life and then managing with it and finding ways to have a satisfactory life there is a definite brain chemistry thing going on with people who have clinical depression where half of them will respond very positively to these substances that increase their serotonin in their brains so it’s like diabetes in with insulin being off similarly with depression the serotonin is off for the most part I’ve disguised or kept my depression to myself and smiled even when I didn’t feel like smiling believe it or not smiling for the sake of smiling is not a bad thing and doing nice things for yourself scientists say generates a sense of self-worth and well-being the applying cognitive behavioral techniques could be simplified with older adults to where if they do for consciously chosen deliberately done activities a day that are pleasurable it’ll keep the blues away plain and simple like dawn the majority of older adults improve with treatment for everyone of all ages exercising eating well and managing stress will help prevent depression I’ve always exercised and I’m careful with my eating Clea Myers is get this 91 years old she lives in a retirement community and believes the social interaction keeps her physically and mentally fit I’ve been here 11 years and one thing I always tell people don’t just sit get out and open your door and you’re going to meet somebody and say hello or good morning how are you and immediately you find you’re lifted and have a conversation something going keep involved bill Penniston says his loyal companion these days is 14-year old Bob see I think she’s a very sweet little dog who is very attached to me not that long ago Bill’s wife of more than 50 years was moved into a memory care facility since then he’s relied on Bobbsey to keep his spirits up it’s wonderful medicine some of the best medicine in the world oh yeah yeah no she’s she’s my sweetheart yeah I’m very fond of her

Senior Health Care, Simple Pleasure Means So Much – YouTube

okay here we got some real reality TV happening i’m heating up my mom’s food that i’ll be taking to her in probably about 10 minutes it’s heated we just went to walmart picked up a bunch of medication and I got a new contour reader for my diabetes and had to get 100 strips and get that reader free I’m preparing it’s gonna be a fruit salad for my mom like a baby oranges kiwi fruit cantaloupe we bought some capitals and it stopped at costco because they have watermelon next weekend groans watermelon so I’m going to make sure a fruit salad because she loves fruit so that’s something that she hasn’t eaten in there in a long time except in the process stage so I’m going to cut up that oranges pila kiwi fruit few pieces of cantaloupe and a lot of water mount because that is her favorite and that and that is my homemade fruit cocktail for my mom is cantaloupe Kiwi orange and watermelon delicious watermelon from Mexico so the costco by the way you want to hear some really odd the kiwi fruit body costco is imported from Italy and the cantaloupe are from Guatemala Guatemala cantaloupe Italian Kiwi Mexican watermelon I don’t know where the oranges are Fresno idea but it’s all over the place everything as our economy today but we have it available even when it’s not in season here how many 16 and you can’t one that I cut up 1610 499 16 kiwi fruit for 499 a watermelon is 999 at costco and the cantaloupe were on sale for a dollar 79 each so we bought three of them we like cantaloupe but sometimes like this one they’re quite firm obviously to not pick one they’re ripe so you know that’s the way it comes anyway now I’m going to package it up get the food out of the microwave and head off to mom and I’m gonna take the camera today cuz she’s gonna be surprised and at 1102 I’m off to see my mom bring her her lunch and this does not depress me visiting my mom as often as I can bring her food of stuff like as a matter of fact I get really happy when I’m sitting with her although I have to admit that I wish she would be able to speak it is very hard very difficult to sit with her hour hour and a half day after day after day and she doesn’t talk she doesn’t speak it stopped many years ago mo over and almost two decades ago you know I think about my poor dad that he lived with a woman he loved and they used to always discuss everything and then reach the point where couldn’t there’s no more communication he could talk to her but I sent of the fact that she didn’t reply quite often you know she should just get up and move on you know move away it just like almost not interested or whatever not out of bad intentions but it’s just the way it was it is that even happens with me sometimes when she’s eating is a show all for pete’s sake regular parking spot but now they made it handicapped yeah looks like all the spots are full I am now here with my mom and here comes a big unraveling of the fruit oh he’s open no problem incursion what is that do you like watermelon when’s it my you haven’t had any for a long time eh yeah you know what went to costco today to buy watermelon so you will have some and there’s cantaloupe kiwi fruit and orange a little bit of kiwi and cancel the cantaloupe is hard you’re going to have to be careful with that okay she’s not slowing down do you like this mummy do you like it this is what I said on the way here that it’s so sad that you know you person with she had a stroke and she just stopped talking absolutely close to 20 years ago and occasional you can get a word out of her or a sentence but that said that’s really it and now I’m going to sit here with her for an hour hour and a half while sheets I will tell her about my day everything that’s going on with Indian myself and what’s going on in the world but get no feedback Oh big mouthful of watermelon is it good mommy is it good yeah sweet it I would have had to been probably years since she’s had any and I want to bring her as much of what she likes and what she remembers while there’s still time because after that yeah goes without saying well that’s something that I think a lot of people don’t think about is that even food you know when you get old this is yeah you got to cherish everything in life so bring her a slice of rye bread and she likes rye bread with watermelon yeah okay go ahead takes a little piece of bread I’m compared to sit back furthering your wheelchair yeah that is now paprikash currently which is a potato dish is paprika of course Hungarian cooking uses a lot of paprika onions garlic there’s hot dogs and it sliced up smoked meat bones she’s into the food now that okay she’ll need a drink

Benefits Of Metamucil For Senior Health

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Health Tips from Healthy 69 yr. old senior.

okay right now I’m doing my evening walk now listen you don’t have to do what I do but it’s important to do something it’s no secret that exercise is good for your health I mean you hear it all the time in the media and it makes a lot of sense you know it’s only been in the last 100 years or so that machines have replaced humans with hard labor so on an evolutionary scale we should still be doing some kind of physical labor something you know and and it and it makes sense because you know if you just sit around all day your heart and your circulation thought that I are not working efficiently and your body doesn’t get rid of waste very easily so that’s why the exercise is good you keep doing different things because if you don’t uh you know that old saying you know use it or lose it out okay listen I’m not a doctor so any advice that I give you is for my experience and for my research okay so if you’re in reasonable good health and don’t suffer from any diseases then one good bit of advice I can give you is stay away from doctors you hear me now when I say stay away from doctors I don’t mean now when you go to the hospital and uh they cut off the wrong leg or they they cut out the wrong kidney because so I mean we all know from the media that medical mistakes are one of the leading causes of death in the United States no I’m not even talking about that that you know about what I’m talking about is common ailments to flow colds things like that you can handle that yourself without going to the doctor you know you take you give get rest if you need it plenty of liquids plenty of water all the time you go when you’re healthy plenty of water that’s very important fail okay your body needs water okay so constantly be having water now the thing is though you know you can’t check hold and everything like that if you go and you get antibiotics who know what’s happening now the germs are building up resistance to these antibiotics the best thing to do is beat it yourself let allow your body’s immune system to defeat the journey that is attacking you and once it does that the next time that journey comes around looking for trouble your body is going to recognize it and get rid of it ok now another thing is about joint pain all right you know sometimes you know you get a pain in your joints your workout and stuff like that you know instead of taking a lot of medicine going to the thought the blah blah blah you know and maybe get on necessary operations you know if it’s a if it’s a pain what I do what works for me I find out where the center of that pain is say I feel around until I find the center and I just rub that Center and what that does is bring the healing blood to that area there and though and whatever whatever is in trouble there if it helps to leave the pain once for me you know now as far as food you have to eat up a basic diet and you know I mean if you don’t need me I don’t know what to tell you but basically what I go I don’t cook where are those I believe those um those frozen dinners some of them are very good they have to meet the potatoes to vegetables everything you need and when they’re on the the store or or you’re in the store club discount they’re like 250 apiece or five dollars a day for two of them and you’ll need a very good balanced diet in between a little bananas and everything like that I don’t deny myself anything I eat chocolate cake I eat tender stand whatever is around I don’t need a lot you know what I don’t deny myself anything either you know so that’s basically it it’s all basic common sense and so I’m signing off for now and take my advice for whatever it’s worth and if you have any comments leave them in the comment section and thank you very much

Senior Health: Building muscle and strength into the Golden Years

I have always loved physical fitness since I was young and have always been active and I found that it’s helped me in immeasurable ways 61 years young Marsha McKay is in terrific shape she makes exercise a part of her everyday life but a majority of Americans particularly those over 60 leave physical fitness behind when they hit their golden years physical activity is important for any population regardless of age it translates to prevention of cardiovascular disease prevention of diabetes a host of comorbidities that are associated with obesity people can expect to lose upwards of fifty percent of muscle strength and even up to eighty percent of muscle power if they are sedentary throughout their late adulthood it’s commonly thought that adults over a certain age cannot build muscle mass and strength but a University of Michigan Health System study challenges that belief the results of the studies show that not only can older adults experience improvement but they can expect even greater improvement if they engage in progressive resistance training which means that they are increasing the load and increasing the amount of training that they’re doing over time to accommodate their fitness improvements study results suggest that with an average of about 20 and a half weeks of training an individual can increase 1.1 kilograms of lean muscle tissue over their whole body or about 2.4 2 pounds I really didn’t start learning about resistance training and actually doing it till I was in my 40s late 40s but what I found is that it’s strengthen the muscles around the joints to keep them stable I have very small bones and I’m at risk for us your process and my bones are strong so it’s not just the muscle is the joints the bones and the muscles so is increasingly important to resistance training resistance exercise is a great way to not only preserve but to increase lean muscle tissue and strength capacity so that people can decrease risk of slip and fall accidents they can function more readily in daily life able to stand up out of a chair easier walk across the floor climb a flight of stairs anything that requires manipulating their own body mass I would say my goals is to stay healthy and the resistance keeps me that way I think anybody over the age of 50 should strongly consider participating in resistance exercise a good way for people to start a no resistance training program is to consider using their body mass as a load and simply using basic exercises like squats standing up out of a chair doing things that use your own body mass through full range of motion and then as somebody becomes more comfortable and they’re interested in pursuing some more advanced level training it is possible to do that at a gym with some guidance and expertise of fitness consultant the most influential parameter to somebody’s function is their strength capacity and no matter what age and individual is they can experience significant strength improvement with resistance exercise even into the eighth and ninth decades of life I’ve always been involved in fitness but you know as I’ve gotten older I’ve focused more on weight training I feel stronger I want to stay healthy have strong bones and avoid injury that’s my goal and try to fight the aging thing as much as possible you

Title: Face to Face with the Prime Minister – The interview: Senior health care

hello Yvonne good to meet you pleasure to meet you please eat welcome to the prime minister’s office oh very nice to be here thank you I’m here to talk about serious issues both from my own perspective and also because I work with a senior’s resource center of Newfoundland and Labrador so we get calls and inquiries all the time about services and resources one of the main questions people have is financial trying to make ends meet and right now the seniors and receipt of guaranteed income supplement is wondering are wondering where they’re going to get their ten percent increase well that was one of the commitments we made to increase the guaranteed income supplement by ten percent for most vulnerable seniors as single low-income seniors or low-income seniors living alone who need that support and that’s something we’re going to put forward in this in this person upcoming budget in the bed so that’ll that’ll make a difference in people’s people slice so it should be implemented shortly thereafter yes that’s that’s the plan and that’s a good start because that’s $77 extra a month which makes quite a difference but that means they’re still early earning of receiving 1422 dollars which when you talk to other people and say well you can’t live on that so it’s a start and when the guaranteed income supplement first came in people thought well adult that has seniors issue now then out of poverty but then still in poverty there’s still so a lot of work to do which is why one of the things we put forward in it we engaging with the provinces on health care is we’re putting three billion dollars forward for better home care so that we can actually support seniors as they as they age at home as they as they want to keep a higher quality of life and give the support they need so they don’t have to be institutionalized and that’s certainly what majority of seniors want unless they really have to need medical care but when you’re looking at enhancing Lee or maybe national standards for home care what would you include in that I think well a lot of it is to be worked out with the provinces and one of the things that the federal government hasn’t done and too long is sit down with the provinces to actually work out expectations around healthcare national standards and that’s one of the things that we’re going to need one of the other things we’re talking about with the province is that I know is a lot of seniors concerned is drug prices medication and we’re working with the provinces to make sure that we’re making making pharmaceuticals more more accessible yeah because that’s important because it’s patchwork across the country and then senior moving from one province to another province may not be able to because there’s a different well anybody actually but seniors particularly and then they can’t get the medications they need and so you’re really serious about a family care program we are we are I mean there’s it’s it’s a step-by-step process we’re sitting in with the Premier’s to talk about exactly how we’re going to do it but there’s there’s obvious significant savings both for for our health care system and for individuals to bring in to bring in something that’s going to going to lower the cost of prescription drugs yeah and it it might in fact it will help improve people’s health if they get the right medications but over medication is sometimes a big problem and one of the things I might suggest is that encouraging is in the issue of seniors is trying to recruit more gerontologists because they look at the whole picture of a senior’s multiple and problems that they have and whereas you might see one specialist for this and one from there but there’s only 250 gerontologists in the whole country it’s well with the the aging aging the demographic shift I know that that’s that’s a real challenge for our health care system this challenge if you seem to be coming for years and years nothing’s been good about how little I ain’t gonna be a little bit not enough but there’s there’s a need for general practitioners gerontologists and family medicine doctors right across the country and indeed our our health minister as a former a family physician who is is very much seized with this challenge we need to make sure we’re keeping all the all the focus on empowering our seniors respecting them and including them in in active active community life isn’t which is what they want to do and they want to stay in their own communities but home care as it is at the moment is often just light housework hmm so that isn’t enough to keep summit at home because they can’t maintain that place but the other thing is you get a snowstorm snow outside and the homecare workers aren’t allowed to do the snow clearing now the veterans independence program they have a maintenance program which includes a lot of things that could be included for other seniors like maintenance snow clearing transportation to doctors appointments home renovations people who need a DAP tation for medical problems so I think it’s short-sighted just say more home care if it’s just light housework because it must be more and the other thing is to have home care by doctors nurse practitioners physiotherapists occupational therapists a team approach that’s actually that’s actually what I think of when I think of home care well that’s because you know that I mean the math is very simple to keep someone in a hospital bed for 24 hours versus to provide someone the full care the full range of care that they would need if they stayed at home it’s 10 times cheaper to write the way their quality of life is best still surrounded in many cases family members are still around who would like to help a little bit want to want to be with their loved ones but can’t dedicate the kind of time support necessary that’s where homecare comes in in terms of helping things out and another thing when you talk about people caring for many seniors are also caregivers and if they’re don’t get this support in the home their health is likely to collapse and then they become the patient before the one they’re caring for recognizing all all the connections that exist in strong and thriving families and strong and thriving communities is something we have to adapt to we’ve we’ve committed to bring in more flexibility or own compassionate care leave for people who need to go on e I to care for a loved one is going through difficulties we’ve talked about home care we’ve talked about pharmacare we’re looking at a broad range of solutions and quite frankly input like yours is very helpful one other thing about seniors are often blamed for the high cost of care in hospitals which because there’s a greater users apparently but if they could be prevented from going in there in the first place that would help but the other thing that can make for a longer stay in hospital is some people feel that there’s some age discrimination and they’re not as important and that’s a perception some seniors have but the other thing is hospital acquired infections and that isn’t that’s a hidden problem and yet 220,000 people acquire hospital acquired infections every year and 12,000 die and nothing is being done about it and there’s inconsistent data collection from province to province and really we need to know where the infections are in right down to each hospital each nursing home and make it public I think I’m a big big believer in collecting data for better governance and for better a better ability to address problems like this so I’ve certainly instructed our health minister to lean in on data collection on coordinating with the provinces so we have more accurate picture of where the problems are where the solutions are and how to go at and address some of the systemic challenges that might otherwise as you point out go and see ya and I think once the spotlight is on then it has been shown that well in one particular place twenty-five percent less infections and it needs a team approach and it needs a you know great deal of coordination and again a national approach to it I think well I mean we haven’t had a federal government engaged nationally in a while on on health care and I know I mean that’s a yes a Quebec mpm very sensitive to areas of provincial jurisdiction or not but there needs to be federal leadership on health care in partnership with the provinces who will be delivering it but whether we talk about national standards whether we talk about data collection whether we talk about sharing best practices whether we talk about challenging ourselves to come up with new and innovative solutions that can be applied across the country these are the kinds of things that the federal government particularly around proaction and and being preventive need to do much more thank you well thank you very much put a pleasure to meet you thank you so much for coming into cheering thank you for sure

Senior Republicans WORRIED About Donald Trump’s Mental Health

true the Republican colleagues of yours express concern about president Trump’s mental health a few really yeah it’s not the majority of them as a few in what way in the way we all have this suspicion that you know that he’s not he lies a lot he says things that aren’t true it’s the same as lying i guess he you know three to five million people voted it legally there was new one about people going in from Massachusetts to thousands and thousands and a bus yeah and you know that is not the norm for a president of the United States we’re actually for a human being that’s democratic senator Al Franken and no laughing matter citing unnamed Republican senators as he speculates about the president’s mental health join me now that’ll be our starting off point today with Paris Denard who’s a CNN political commentator former White House director of black outreach under president george w bush and Matt Bennett he’s a democratic strategist and former White House deputy assistant for intergovernmental affairs under President Clinton Matt first to you you may not like the man in the Oval Office but is it really fair or good use of the Senators of Senator franken’s time talking about this put something like this publicly well okay just remember where this came up first it was on the bill maher show and he was kind of joking i actually saw the show and he was talking about this in the context of kind of a funny segment that he was doing on a comedy show and then Jake asked him about it yesterday but the fact that you don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to think this guy has a fairly serious narcissistic personality disorder he’s completely consumed with himself he’s easily flattered he’s easily distracted and a senator franken noted he lies all the time so this is a serious problem whether he’s diagnosed or not isn’t really the issue the question is is he stable and i don’t i’m not really sure that is the question Matt periscope yeah you know I was just looking on the the label below to see if I see deaf I saw dr. below maps name and I don’t so I don’t know how he can say such things nor do I see how senator franken can stay such unsubstantiated claims about the mental fitness or the clinical condition of our president united states no one made any claims about Secretary Clinton being somehow needing clinical help or being having some type of a mental disorder whom she lied about benghazi or when she told tales about her email server and things of that nature and so we need to be careful how we talk about people in public service and how we classify things because these are important issues that we’re dealing with and there are people who actually do have disorders and do have problems which we should focus on but to make these gross miss miss representations of the president mental capacity i think is irresponsible and should end and bat should start with it and the senator should know better irresponsible but math look i will stipulate i am not a medical professional so I withdraw my dog I went on TV though know exactly but but I will say this The Lying that we have seen in the first three weeks of this administration that continued from the campaign and the transition is unlike anything we have ever seen from any politician Republican or Democrat ever in the history of a case you just say he’s wrong and he got policy wrong he’s not been telling the truth without going the route of saying the man ism is mental health issue sure you could say that I’m going to stipulate that but but I will say this senator Franklin was reporting I think probably accurately what he was hearing from his colleagues Republican colleagues in the Senate they are deeply concerned about this that this is going to hurt the United States first and it’s going to hurt them politically second and I’ll bet some of them are speculating about that up there well there’s so we’re gonna stop the speculating on this at least right now Paris let’s move on to something else you’ve worked in you well both of you guys you both worked in the White House Paris to you first when you hear this string of reports now that the White House is in turmoil Flynn’s on thin ice questions about pre business leadership ethical questions now facing Kellyanne Conway Sean Spicer’s got issues apparently as well you hear this and you think what Paris I hear that it’s not good first of all I don’t like the fact that there’s leaks I know when I worked at the White House we really did not like leaks at all but there are some things those purpose leagues and we leak it ourselves it on purpose but I don’t think what we see now our purpose leaks I think it’s horrible but I do think that these are part of the growing pains but I think that we need strong leadership coming from the chief of staff and Reince Priebus to get a hold on what’s going on in the West Wing because even if these these media reports are inaccurate they’re still coming out and so it’s creating a narrative of chaos it’s creating a narrative of an organization and that is not what you want when you want to create an image of power of stability of strength and I know that’s what’s going on there but they need to create a new narrative and that creep then that new narrative has to come from within and getting a control on what’s going on inside of the West Wing and it has to start yesterday Mat I mean the Clinton White House surely had problems of its own growing pains here yes probably and I would agree with Paris that it’s need that the leaks are terrible and need to stop and they do need to get their act together in every White House has this the Obama National Security Advisor didn’t last long the Clinton first chief of staff didn’t last line but but the difference here is this Steve Bannon and others in the in this White House have said publicly that they believe in disruption they believe in in keeping people off balance and what we don’t know is whether some of this is intentional and if it is that’s a kind of dangerous way to govern and I hope it stops well the way I’ve always read it is they believe in disruption of the system maybe not necessarily the disruption within the White House but maybe that’s just some of the fallout from it guys thank you so much great to see thank you alright so coming up for us dinner and a missile launch president Trump facing his first major test coming from North Korea a missile test just as he was sitting down to dinner with japan’s Prime Minister at mar-a-lago now other guests that were there in the dining room are leaking details of this strategy session that played out also this

Engagement Period. (Senior Health Project)

[Music] right what are you doing we think we’re i’m doing i’m cooking chicken it doesn’t look like you’re doing it right well what makes you think I can’t cook chicken I operate brains for living well you’re letting it work let me show you let me show me show me [Music] that house that you wonder why your sex point oh sorry sorry about that so sorry we’re so guys I know how to cook chicken hi I’m dr. Brian we travel and I’m a neurosurgeon hi my name is Monica Sanchez animal mask future and we’re getting married so when TLC contacted us and asked us if we wanted to be part of their show of course we said yes as a math teacher I was so surprised since I was little I’ve been watching TLC for for wedding and now they asked us is obviously because I’m getting married to a famous nursery heart well oh no you go yo so it goes back to 2013 where we met the lower Academy our freshman year in high school like when we went to that school we didn’t really know any other people over there and then we were there and then me and him had like so many classes together it was like seven periods that’s too bad so I remember I was in Latin class and then the future if someone wanted to hand out papers and you know being class pet of course she said yes I wouldn’t call myself a class but i do like helping on features so then um she asking someone put offered so i got the papers and i was him in the mouth and then that’s how am I Brian and this time a night he was out of everyone in that class it was the only one that I thank you so right away I mean let’s just talk more to him so some advice be polite and you’ll find your true love nature so from freshman year we started dating and we continue dating until senior and then after that we parted ways she went to wouldn’t go honey came obviously ok cool and myself a neurosurgeon went to Harvard University I mean it is a great school that’s what all the buzz New Jersey teachers also well with my I’m a math teacher riding high school so might my kid kept asking me like why do we need to learn math and I’m like there’s so many jobs any mask so then we went to the hospital it was a field trip and we took them to me like the bed doctors in the hospital so then I’m walking in the hospital and then guess who I see why is there and then I mean I think oh he worked at that hospital because I kind of did so you were a little prepared I was very prepared and then I thought him and we hit it off again we started talking to each other we started dating once again yeah and it was a once again love effort site I got it I got it a little fact about us is we love applebees no matter how much money i’ll make or she generates we will always go to applebees I all the girls they expect for them to be like proposed I like air balloon or beach so applebees was the perfect places ever since we were younger that was my favorite place avoid so we were having dinner at applebees I got on my knee and I asked her the question it was a beautiful beautiful scenery so I’m so thrilled about our wedding that I’m already oh sure oh you were you were making cookies I wasn’t aware of that the cameraman come on it so she loves food so you know those little home videos that couples make they say for memories of little cube videos so i tried that one day so I sound coming from the kitchen woke me up three in the morning and I news Monica I thought she was getting a little glass of milk or some cookies so I decided to get my little camera and record that little cute make a little cute video for us for our little memories throughout those scrapbook to shower kids in the future what’s all that noise sweetheart they were you doing oh my goodness stop eating so much I hope you are having anything crazy about me no no of course not okay so where were we we’re getting married assembly love 2021 the way we picked this day is because as we were little like when we first started dating that was our anniversary so we just wanted to keep it the same yes for our wedding while we decided we’re going to get same debate invitations and thank you card i’m also getting something little for my wife makes lazim if they want to be my advice me something thank you we have the invitation which are seventy dollars we also have the save the date which are $95 we have the thank you cards which are $55 and we also have the cars the way I won’t ask my bridesmaids I’m gonna have three brightly you don’t know this was because he doesn’t know about the birthday for this fourteen dollars okay also was so great we got them at vistaprint which is a great company today your invitation that I think anyone does like English together there and always best about is that Google is included but the post camps are not included obviously so you have to buy now separate homes each one in New Jersey right now is 49 cents so we have to get for the save the dates for the same precaution for the invitation so that’s going to be about hundred and forty nine dollars because of our backgrounds it was very important for me for both of us for our families a lot of people in our families they don’t know how to speak English so we wanted to find someone that Mario’s and that he was able to speak English to Spanish the same way correct so we went to a website there’s a website that offers reverence I do literally anything they marry any type of person and any religion color color for taking the mare green people so then um he’s by my wall his name is Reverend Richard porta he’s super awesome he’s four hundred dollars is a little expensive but it’s because he had to travel a lot to where we’re getting married and he cost about how much is a bit for his daughters what are you guys yeah you already said that we’re paying good for what we get and marriage license costs twenty dollars and I’m rich so we’re we’re getting married at Berkeley oceanfront hotel what we wanted to do is we wanted to have the party we have a ceremony in the hotel and then we are paying well yeah we are paying for all our guests to stay at the hotel that night and then we’re paying for them to have breakfast in the morning cuz you know food is very important for us so the state would be 9085 dollars and I believe twelve cents really doesn’t matter because I am rich the breakfast will be three thousand one hundred fifty dollars the whole venue the whole venue which includes the hood includes a ceremony the price of the oceanfront hotel which is twenty thousand dollars are wait twenty thousand four hundred ninety five twenty thousand that’s the venue that’s what we’re paying for the Vinny in most important we’re having a cocktail hour which is very important that way we can get to take pictures right after William Eric yes and here’s a picture of the Berkeley oceanfront hotel the ceremony’s about 45 minutes and we’re renting out the hotel the venue for flowers so I’ll be providing my groomsmen with Yeezys which is a very expensive shoe by Kanye West also by adidas I’m here’s a quick shake of it and yeah I got to keep them stylish I’m just saying my present for my bridesmaids is way better and what I’m getting them is a little necklace that is all adds up to 192 I believe and now it’s a little necklace that says thank you for helping us I for not and it’s a little not so for our honeymoon will be going to Bora Bora it’s always been a dream of ours just the stay for five nights would be 5775 dollars and the price of the flights would be 3791 dollars we’ve hired a photographer which costs 1795 dollar we’ve also hired a videographer which cost us at 1895 dollars and our DJ cost us 1695 dollars today is a exciting day where I’m gonna go pick up my dress and why is there no catalysis so at this moment we’re going to the mall and we’re gonna take you guys with us so let’s go times both show [Music] here comes the money we go [Music] [Music] [Applause]

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