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Senior Health Care, Simple Pleasure Means So Much – YouTube

okay here we got some real reality TV happening i’m heating up my mom’s food that i’ll be taking to her in probably about 10 minutes it’s heated we just went to walmart picked up a bunch of medication and I got a new contour reader for my diabetes and had to get 100 strips and get that reader free I’m preparing it’s gonna be a fruit salad for my mom like a baby oranges kiwi fruit cantaloupe we bought some capitals and it stopped at costco because they have watermelon next weekend groans watermelon so I’m going to make sure a fruit salad because she loves fruit so that’s something that she hasn’t eaten in there in a long time except in the process stage so I’m going to cut up that oranges pila kiwi fruit few pieces of cantaloupe and a lot of water mount because that is her favorite and that and that is my homemade fruit cocktail for my mom is cantaloupe Kiwi orange and watermelon delicious watermelon from Mexico so the costco by the way you want to hear some really odd the kiwi fruit body costco is imported from Italy and the cantaloupe are from Guatemala Guatemala cantaloupe Italian Kiwi Mexican watermelon I don’t know where the oranges are Fresno idea but it’s all over the place everything as our economy today but we have it available even when it’s not in season here how many 16 and you can’t one that I cut up 1610 499 16 kiwi fruit for 499 a watermelon is 999 at costco and the cantaloupe were on sale for a dollar 79 each so we bought three of them we like cantaloupe but sometimes like this one they’re quite firm obviously to not pick one they’re ripe so you know that’s the way it comes anyway now I’m going to package it up get the food out of the microwave and head off to mom and I’m gonna take the camera today cuz she’s gonna be surprised and at 1102 I’m off to see my mom bring her her lunch and this does not depress me visiting my mom as often as I can bring her food of stuff like as a matter of fact I get really happy when I’m sitting with her although I have to admit that I wish she would be able to speak it is very hard very difficult to sit with her hour hour and a half day after day after day and she doesn’t talk she doesn’t speak it stopped many years ago mo over and almost two decades ago you know I think about my poor dad that he lived with a woman he loved and they used to always discuss everything and then reach the point where couldn’t there’s no more communication he could talk to her but I sent of the fact that she didn’t reply quite often you know she should just get up and move on you know move away it just like almost not interested or whatever not out of bad intentions but it’s just the way it was it is that even happens with me sometimes when she’s eating is a show all for pete’s sake regular parking spot but now they made it handicapped yeah looks like all the spots are full I am now here with my mom and here comes a big unraveling of the fruit oh he’s open no problem incursion what is that do you like watermelon when’s it my you haven’t had any for a long time eh yeah you know what went to costco today to buy watermelon so you will have some and there’s cantaloupe kiwi fruit and orange a little bit of kiwi and cancel the cantaloupe is hard you’re going to have to be careful with that okay she’s not slowing down do you like this mummy do you like it this is what I said on the way here that it’s so sad that you know you person with she had a stroke and she just stopped talking absolutely close to 20 years ago and occasional you can get a word out of her or a sentence but that said that’s really it and now I’m going to sit here with her for an hour hour and a half while sheets I will tell her about my day everything that’s going on with Indian myself and what’s going on in the world but get no feedback Oh big mouthful of watermelon is it good mommy is it good yeah sweet it I would have had to been probably years since she’s had any and I want to bring her as much of what she likes and what she remembers while there’s still time because after that yeah goes without saying well that’s something that I think a lot of people don’t think about is that even food you know when you get old this is yeah you got to cherish everything in life so bring her a slice of rye bread and she likes rye bread with watermelon yeah okay go ahead takes a little piece of bread I’m compared to sit back furthering your wheelchair yeah that is now paprikash currently which is a potato dish is paprika of course Hungarian cooking uses a lot of paprika onions garlic there’s hot dogs and it sliced up smoked meat bones she’s into the food now that okay she’ll need a drink